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31 January 2022
Ukrainian cyberdefense in need of upgrades as tensions rise Read more
14 December 2021
In 2021, 18,000 new cyber vulnerabilities were discovered, most of them at Microsoft products. Which ones are used by hackers and how to protect your business Read more
18 November 2021
Hackers have stolen $1.1 billion in cryptocurrency in the third quarter of 2021. How to keep in safe crypto funds and account anonymity Read more
12 November 2021
Identified by ICQ. Ukrainian experts found a hacker who damaged the reputation of the Kazakh bank — details of the investigation Read more
01 November 2021
Russian-speaking hackers have performed 58% of the world’s cyberattacks. How the Eastern European Hacking Market Works Read more
30 October 2021
Information security of the enterprise: major threats’ protection methods Read more
12 October 2021
CyberSEALs participated in the GDPR Summit Ukraine 2021 Read more
11 August 2021
How Ukrainian cybersecurity ecosystem looks like — the first major study Read more
10 August 2021
The digital footprint: episode 1 “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” Read more
30 April 2021
Anti-phishing solution for the bank Read more
29 January 2021
Investigation of a cyber attack on a telecommunications provider Read more
30 December 2020
Spam attack on a manufacturing company Read more
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