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30 December 2020
Spam attack on a manufacturing company

*in order to preserve confidentiality, the name of the company is hidden

CyberSEALs was contacted by one of the largest strategic budget-forming state-owned enterprises with the problem of spam attacks on their mail server

During the investigation (OSINT / underground):

  • the command center is installed (admin panel of the bot)
  • received an OS dump from a hosting provider
  • OS dump analysis performed

Also found:

  • Smokebot is a modular bot that, after loading, performs all tasks and removes itself, that is, it is not installed on the system


  1. STEALER – a module for collecting saved passwords from various programs (browsers, FTP, Mail), all passwords are collected and sent to the control center (bot admin panel)
  2. FORM GRAB is a form grabber that works in real time with all browsers, intercepts all POST requests, authorization forms, payment data, etc.
  3. PASS SNIF is a password sniffer that works in real time with all applications, can intercept passwords, all data is also sent to the admin panel

A person was established, as well as accounts on underground forums, where it was established:

  • forum name
  • registration date
  • number of posts on the forum
  • most posts on the topic: security and hacking
  • date of last visit to the forum

During the analysis of the activity on the forum, it was found that the hacker was looking for a loader to download software that would infect executable files on all disks, flash drives, etc., and after reinstalling the OS without formatting, there was a hope that the bot would launch the loader. The hacker’s budget was $ 3,000

Approach and result

  • check carried out
  • built a blocker model with subsequent verification
  • it is determined that the hacker was a candidate for employment in the client’s company
  • refusal to cooperate with a compromised candidate

Business effect

  • financial risks averted
  • reputational risks are prevented
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